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L2KR Co., Ltd. (BOUNCE) web site opened on 15th Apr. 2015.
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2015-04-02 11:11:12

Established in Bucheon, Korea in 2009, L2KR Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured many outdoor gears especially gas appliances like stoves, lanterns and torches. We have focused on safety, performance and durability so that all customers can use our products with reliability even if it's under harsh conditions and ever-changing natural environments. To pursue the quality and versatility of outdoor gears, we not only consider many sides of developing products, but proceed various field tests simulating many conditions from hot summer to freezing winter seasons. Experienced over 20 years R&D staffs design and develop gas appliances considering the function of each part, weight and material features to make it reliable and versatile at any places and conditions. Also our production lines and test facilities run state of the art testing equipment such as air pressure leaking tester first in the field in Korea. With such efforts, we have passed KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation) and JIA (Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association) and achieving ISO 9001, the quality management system certification and thus supplied many products to outstanding brands such as The North face®, Lafuma®, Montbell®, Millet®, Eider®, Kolon sport®, Top&Top®, Nepa®, K2®, Captin stag®, Snowpeak® and so on. On the basis of quality recognition, we have launched our own brand, 'BOUNCE' since 2011 and expand from domestic market to global markets. Hope you enjoy your adventures surviving any hostile conditions of natural environment along with our outdoor equipment to discover your life time land marks.


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